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Lott Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, located in Corsicana and Fairfield, is an outpatient physical therapy practice that was selected America’s Practice of the Year by the American Physical Therapy Association in 2011. Since 2001 our Doctorate Level Physical Therapists have treated patients with acute back and neck pain, sports and work-related injuries and successfully guided patients to great results after various types of orthopedic and neurosurgery. Download our Physical Therapy Brochure for more information. Many of our patients transition and continue their exercise program in our Fitness Centers. We offer 50% off Fitness Center Membership for therapy graduates (first transaction only).


What’s Holding You Back?

Are you wondering where the pain is coming from? Our physical therapists are not only equipped with the tools to expedite healing but are also trained to pinpoint the cause of your pain. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, you can research the likely cause of your pain, or you can schedule your free consultation with one of our trained physical therapists.


Read What Our Patients Are Saying

Really enjoyed the staff at Lott Physical Therapy! They are professional, friendly, and really personable! They made me feel very comfortable with my visits each day.

Candice G.

This is one excellent place for therapy. Not only is the staff professional and knowledgeable, they practically performed a miracle on me. I’d been on Advil every night for the past 16 years because of my neck.

Carey F.

If you are in need of some type of rehab to help improve your life, maybe before an accident happened, or after a surgery or even a fall, Lott’s is the place you need to help you with the correct kind of therapy needed to help you feel like your old self again or even better.

Diana S.

This is my first time to go through any kind of physical therapy. The crew in Corsicana have made me laugh and most important, my pain is not as noticeable as it was before I started. Kudos!!!!

Gary A.

Extremely impressed with the physical therapy I received for my ankle. Very professional and knowledgeable staff – plus everyone on the team is welcoming.

Helen C.

My experience with Lott Physical Therapy Center has been nothing short of wonderful.

Jo P.
Denise Bartlett
Denise Bartlett
12:19 16 Aug 19
I love Lott!! A lot of doctors think that drugs or surgery is the answer to alot of physical ailments and although sometimes it is the only solution,I believe it should be the last choice after other options have been tried such as physical therapy. I had tennis elbow a couple years ago and I did not agree with the doctors options for me,and I chose to go to Lott therapy and after an evaluation with Dr. Lott a few simple exercises cured it and has not come back!!!!!!!!!!! I am now undergoing therapy for shoulder tendonitis and again I did not like the doctors options and Dr Seth Watson is my therapist now and it's amazing how they can fix your issues with exersise!! I cannot say enough about the staff at Lott. From receptionists to the therapist they are kind,caring,friendly, people who are always willing to help you out!!!!!!! They are out standing people and also they have a great sense of humor which I find is a great quality. So if anyone thinking about trying therapy, I say do it you will not be sorry. Dr. Seth Watson thank you for all your doing for me I truly appreciate you.read more
Johnny Morgan
Johnny Morgan
20:03 21 Jul 19
Have been getting therapy at Lott Physical Therapy and Fitness Center since having rotator cuff surgery to repair three of the four tendons. I cannot say enough nice things about the staff there. From the front office staff to the doctors of physical therapy in the treatment area the attention to the patients is amazing. I would highly recommend Lott's to everybody who needs physical therapy!!read more
Alicia Rogers
Alicia Rogers
13:15 18 Jul 19
The staff here is beyond amazing!!!! They truly make you feel like you are the most important person they are taking care . I went in for horrible vertigo and Dr. Danica Watson treated me and I can not say enough good things about her but all of the staff are super nice.read more
sheila richards
sheila richards
03:28 15 Jul 19
Lott is absolutely a fabulous place. The Dr.’s , And Staff are so caring and they make you feel like your are the only patient. I Love and highly recommend them! Thank y’all!read more
Ruthie Pfueller
Ruthie Pfueller
04:25 13 May 19
I had problems with my feet going numb and hurting. It was seriously interfering with my physical activity. Dr. Seth Watson got me completely better, back to running, hiking, and being active. Then I fell ice skating and badly sprained my ankle. 3 sets of xrays, an MRI and 5 months of trying to get it well was frustrating. So I am seeing Dr. Danica Watson and Dr. Seth Watson now. I’m in my 3rd and last week of therapy for my ankle. Swelling is gone, ankle stable and pain resolved. Therapist at Lott’s know what they are doing. They don’t stick you in a corner and forget you. You actually get the therapy you go there for. I am a PTA and if I can’t fix myself I will always go to Lott’s Physical Therapy. And TEAM WATSON are my go to therapist! Thank you both for helping me heal! 😘♥️read more
Lisa Dillman
Lisa Dillman
14:28 22 Feb 19
Lott's is amazing! I highly recommend anyone in need of PT check out their facilities. All of the Dr's and PA's and office staff are very friendly, caring and highly skilled at helping my body reset and heal to ease my pain. Thank you all for making a difference in my life!read more
Barbara Erwin
Barbara Erwin
21:53 30 Jan 19
We are extremely fortunate to have Lott Physical Therapy in Corsicana! I have just completed therapy there for a total shoulder replacement, and the results are excellent and amazing! The staff is just wonderful! They are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would highly recommend Lott Physical Therapy to anyone. They are a caring, dedicated, and highly skilled group. Many thanks for a wonderful experience!read more
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